Cardinal provides “best value & solution” for Big Data

Cardinal provide total solution for big data that supported system architecture design and strategy for consulting , storage for big data, analysis of the captured and stored data, and management systems built for smooth operation.

Big Data StorageBig Data Storage

The most based field of big data is storage. The big data storage consists of distributed file system and distributed database system that contains NoSQL, and can take advantage of large amounts in the financial field, social data storage, and the log data systems, etc.

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Big Data AnalyticBig Data Analytic

The big data analytic consists of DI and BI, provides a variety of reasonable features that extracted and analyzed to meet desired objectives. It can take advantage of business and pattern analysis, statistics and analysis calculated for trend analysis purposes, also.

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Big Data ManagementBig Data Management

A big data contains a customization that build a system to suit your environment for the smooth operation and management. So, you can quickly identify and correct the situation using big data management and monitoring system. It will improve the efficiency of cost.

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About The Company

Cardinal has been working for many years in research and development for big data.
It has developed “MongoDB Extension series” to research incessant in the filed of NoSQL in that. Now, we introduced the “mongobird” solution is a dedicated management tool of MongoDB as a result of research and development of NoSQL. We will try to be able to provide a solution more convenient and efficient, through continuous research and development.

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<a href=>mongoowl</a>

The mongoowl is a web version of mongostat and it can live monitoring by getting information of the server. Also, you can see the screen of monoowl through any browser which support HTML5 include mobile devices.


<a href=>mongobird</a>

More powerful and beautiful monitoring tool of MongoDB. It provides a dashboard that you can see at a glance the whole status of the installed node. Also it provide real-time graphs that can be grasped more efficient the overall situation, the data table can be ascertained in detail the contents of each node measures for risk prediction of the server.

Mongo Extensions
Majority Extension

Majority Extension is a solution using a technology that you can change the majority automatically and has been allocated in the master election process form replication structure of MongoDB. The majority of MongoDB, even if the server is alive, if the service is interrupted on the basis of the policy occurs. Majority Extension solution maintains service to ensure uninterrupted if the server is alive...

Mongo Extensions
Storage Extension

Storage Extension is a solution that gives you the ability to expand indefinitely the MongoDB repository without changing the RAID configuration and hardware. That is to say it support the additional capacity at the time of local storage that MongoDB is used, as can be expanded immediately without migrating existing data and change the RAID configuration of the physical disk. In the case of a device...